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The Cosy Creative was designed to provide a one stop shop for all authors, whether emerging or already established. I offer a wide range of services, working closely with the client to ensure a tailor made experience suitable to each individual. For more information, please get in touch. 


PA Services

Looking to start your career as an author and hit the ground running? PA Services allow you to focus on your brilliant manuscript without having to worry about the daily behind-the-scenes of the publishing world. 


Editing and Proofreading

Have a great story in mind but unsure how to get it across the finish line? Whether you want to start a conversation to suss out a plot line, or are wanting to submit your piece for a full edit or just a light proofread, your one stop shop is The Cosy Creative. 


Graphic Design

Graphic Design ranges from creating book covers and merchandise options, to social media graphics and logos. Whatever your graphic design needs are, let us manifest them together. 

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